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Mirador is an innovative digital publishing company focused on high-capex industries in Latin America. Our flagship publications are Hydrocarbons Colombia, Hydrocarbons Mexico and Renovables Colombia.

We also do select consulting work in Telecommunications and Oil and Gas.

Oil & Gas

The hydrocarbons sector is always challenging but today surface issues are becoming even more critical. Government policy, social conflict, environmental issues and security challenges are not only affecting profitability but can even determine where a project can be done at all.

Our publications keep investors on top of the quickly moving landscape, so they can make better decisions.



In Latin America, the key driver of economic prosperity in the coming decade will be increasing broadband penetration, especially in the residential and small-business sectors. New technologies, especially 4G and 5G wireless broadband technologies, will be in the vanguard of this trend.

Governments and operators need to understand how to deploy these technologies effectively and accelerate adoption. Our experts have decades of experience in mass-market broadband to leverage in their information and advice.


New technology and concerns about climate change have policy-makers and investors looking more intently at renewable energy projects. Latin American countries participated in the Paris Conference on Climate Change and Colombia signed the Paris Agreement. Wind and solar investments are beginning to appear, responding to the trend.

Our publications keep investors and policy makers in-the-know, aware of new projects as well as trends in energy consumption.

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